Finding a voice in a new environment


COS are an unusual fashion brand—quiet and considered, they don’t like to shout about themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, the Salone del Mobile in Milan is a loud, frantic affair. COS wanted a commercial presence at the fair that wouldn’t force them to compromise their values.


COS knew that they wanted some form of retail environment. They also know they wanted to partner with an up-and-coming designer to give the presence a PR angle. We set about scouring our network for the suitable partner—someone that could bring the COS brand to life in an unusual setting.


As well as identifying a designer, we still had to brief them. From our own personal visits to Milan we knew that it can be very overwhelming. We saw a great opportunity for the COS space to be where you go to relax, re-group and get away from the chaos for a short while. We briefed the designers—Bonsoir Paris—to create a ‘comma’ to the Milan experience.


Bonsoir Paris came up with the idea of a modular space that was at once dynamic and minimal, coupling the practical with the playful. A design that perfectly complements the aesthetic sensibilities of COS at the same time as having relevance to the typical visitor to Milan. Using 3D printed nodes, and hand-shaped wooden rods, the construction was built with exceptional craftsmanship.


As well as the build, we were also to commission a film that documented the installation and a series of photographs tha captured its structure. We worked with film-maker Andrew Telling and photographer Owen Richards, and this work formed the beginning of a long-running digital content relationship with COS.

Key Learning

It takes time to find the best partner to collaborate with, but when you get it right, the outcomes can be extremely powerful.