Listening Post

Making a connection between parallel environments

The idea

My Dad lives in the countryside. I live in the city. Somehow I wanted to create a direct link between the two, so that when I feel overwhelmed, I can transport myself instantly to the calm and peace of his rural hideaway. So the Listening Post was born. The Listening Post is an Oak construction that you can call from your mobile phone, and tune in to the sounds of its remote countryside location.

The 'tech'

The post has to have some kind of listening mechanism installed in it. The simplest way to do this is to install a mobile phone that can be called at any time. This brings to problem of power. First of all I experimented with using a solar panel to keep it charged all the time. I soon found that the capacity of the battery isn't big enough to be useful.

New power

To counter that problem, the panel has to charge a buffer-battery with a flow regulator between it and the panel.

The post

Being a carpenter, my dad created to post from a piece of solid oak. Over time it has taken on a beautiful weathered look.