Keep an eye on the days

Posted December 2014

There’s lots of ways of saying this, but, although this is super-cringe, this is the one that rang true for me: how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

As a new father, I am suddenly acutely aware that the areas in which I chose to focus my efforts as a designer contribute in some way to the future that my family will be living in. And those opportunities for spending time on worthwhile projects are becoming few-and-far-between, as most of my time outside of work is spent with the family. So I’ll be looking to my working life to fulfil this need to be helpful, and to work on projects with a positive forward momentum.

This also feeds into another area of design practise that has been bothering me. The nature of the work I frequently do encourages a big-picture mentality, and a delegation of detail design once the pig picture is close to being figured out. It’s the problem listed in number 3, basically. The big picture is a summation of the details, so these things need to be figured out in tandem. As you’re judged really on the tangible outcomes and results of your actions, rather than the ideas or plans, you gotta sweat the small stuff.

This text was originally posted as part of this article on Medium.