Keep goals visible

Posted December 2014

Goals, aims and ideas. A common experience this year has been that we’ll all be deep in the work-zone, making progress, getting somewhere, only to look up after a few hours (or even days) only to find we have veered far off course, and have to massage things back in the right direction. I’m not saying that exploration and serendipity is a bad thing, far from it. More that it’s necessary to keep in mind why we’re exploring — what are we looking for, how will we know when we find it? It’s been helpful to write down hypothesis and ideas, no matter how rough or half-baked, and keep them strongly in view.

This way, not only do they become a guide, but this way they’re easier to challenge, to develop, or to trash if no longer relevant, and it keeps me accountable.

This goes for personal goals and ideas as much as work-related stuff, and can be especially potent if visible in a public place. I guess that’s what this entire post is about, really.

This text was originally posted as part of this article on Medium.