Weeknotes 11

Posted Week #21, 2015

OK. It’s been an interesting month. I got a new job. I haven’t started yet. Next month. It’s in Singapore. As a result most of the past few weeks has been spent trying to sort through all our crap so we can move to the other side of the planet. This book has helped. But this is weeknotes not monthnotes so let’s just cover this week.

Monday. Monday was a blur. I spent the weekend in Swansea on a stag party, so Monday felt like it didn’t happen. By Tuesday I was ok though. Do you know what? This is going to be tedious just going through the days like this. To summarise, it’s my penultimate week at INT Works. Gradually over the past few weeks I have been handing over projects and bringing other team members up to speed. So I’m quite baggy at the moment. But it’s good. I’m kind-of like a backstop. Like I’m fading out at the end of a song.

One thing of note is that Kia and Charly, our current interns, have now finished and are moving on. Kia finished today, and Charly finished last week. I was sorry to miss her last day actually. The both of them are super smart in their own individual ways. Kia is a fantastic graphic designer. He’s thoughful, articulate, and he knows himself. That’s amazing in someone so young. Just check out his work for the Graduates. It’s awesome. Charly was brilliant in her own way—rigorous, an amazing imagination and creative faculty, and very funny and sharp. She’s gone off to Riga. She’ll go far. We always have amazing interns. I feel very privileged to have worked with them all. They always teach me a ton of awesome stuff. A lot of the time they’ll come back and work for us fulltime. Like Callum and Ali have.

There is a sense or feeling I have at the moment about spaces in-between. Liminal spaces. Maybe it’s because I got a new phone and keep playing with it, so I’m always occupied (like a broken toilet). Or maybe it’s a combination of things I have been reading this week. Maybe in my old age I’m turning into a fucking hippie. But these spaces, they seem to be few and far between. Everything is so concrete, so dense. So homogenous. Time, space, people. Ha! Dense people. LOL. But with everything blurring together, contracting, there appears to be less opportunity to be surprising, and less appetite (or ability) to be surprised. I’m not sure this is making sense. Maybe it will come together over a few posts.

So I rounded off the week by going to lie down on the grass in Hilly Fields. That’s something I’ll miss. British spring and summer. Those perfectly pitched evenings that seem to last forever. Jonathan Richman’s Summer Feeling was playing through my head.