Weeknotes 14

Posted Week #28, 2015

Spent the week back in the UK. Actually, I'm writing this on a Wednesday so it's not exactly weeknotes, but it is week 28. James Cartwright remarked that I'd hardly been away on holiday, let alone 'moved', so here I sit in the gate at Heathrow waiting to fly back 'home' to Sinagpore. And here's the thing. We have only really been away for about 3 weeks, and yet I can already sense the development of that 'where the fuck is home' feeling that migrants talk about. Differences between homes are more pronounced, I'm noticing contrasts between my real home and my adopted home. It's a bit weird to try and express it already because we have hardly been gone at all – in fact I'm surprised at how quickly the sensation has emerged. One to watch. And it's stupid things. Like how I spent longer on hold on the phone to HMRC than the whole visa application / approval process took in Singapore. And I still didn't get the information I needed. Sounds stupid, but it's those small things that you deal with day-to-day that make or break your experiences of living somewhere.

And a lot happened. George got married. Gordon got engaged. Mum is moving and getting married. Mental.

On the work front I have been doing bits and pieces while at home, some interesting pieces for a consumer bank in Indonesia which – if it comes off – will be amazing to work on. Also I met up with Rik of Super Hi while in town and will do a little something for his new endeavor. He showed me a work-in-progress of the browser-based coding platform he's been developing, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, that is going to be really special. Very excited to try it out. What a talented chap. Also finaly finished a logo for Stephen and Sam at Fat Possum, which was a long time coming, but we're all happy with it, and it looks great (I think). So that'll go online soon.

OK, boarding.

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