Weeknotes 3

Posted Week #4, 2015

Let’s not beat around the bush. the best thing that happened this week was obviously my birthday. Yesterday. I’m 32. Shit. Not old. Not young. It’s all relative. Lovely dinner and cake though.

Other than that, I have been travelling a lot this week. Wednesday was spent in Paris, and as I type this I am on a plane to Shanghai. About a quarter of the way. They’ve just cleared away dinner, and are currently in the process of contracting the hours so we don’t feel so jet lagged when we land. I’m always amazed by this process. Through serving dinner at a weird time, and turning the lights on-and-off a few times they’re able to kid you into thinking a full day has passed by. Then when you land, you hit The Wall.

Anyway, whilst in Paris we met with the architects we have been working with for a while. We were there to assess new designs, and also look at the palette of materials. I was truly blown away when I saw the palette, it’s so complex, so layered, but everything fits together so perfectly. For a while we had been a little worried that the materials they are using were a bit too shouty—a bit too statement-y. But when we saw them all together it suddenly made perfect sense. These guys are genius. They’re fluent in the language of materials, and had it planned out all along. If I ever get asked to design a car, or bus, or anything at all that requires a highly attuned sensitivity to materials, I’ll give these guys a call, for sure.

I have also been dipping in-and-out of this internal project this week, that has seen mixed results. We have tried to move quite quickly into testing small tweaks and changes. Which is great! But our sample size for testing might not be big enough. The results are inconclusive so far, so I think we have to keep testing for a longer period.

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