Weeknotes 4

Posted Week #5, 2015

Ooooh right. It’s the weekend already. Wow, that went quick.

I spent the beginning of the week in Shanghai. The project we’re working on out there is nearing completion. It was time for us to create a snag-list—or in architect speak, a deficit list. The list is huge. Really long. But nothing that can’t be fixed. And it’s quite gratifying to see that this process exists in architecture as well as print and digital. Otherwise I guess the pressure on architects to get things right first time would be hugely overwhelming.

The smog in Shanghai was insane. We have been over a number of times now, but this time was by far the worst. My chest is sore, even now, and I got back on Tuesday. It is such a crazy city. And the journey of the project we are working on seems to be full of its own contrasts. I would love to go back again in a different capacity as a friend or a tourist. I would love to really see the place. I doubt I would ever be able to understand it, but seeing it from another perspective would be helpful.

Wednesday I was in the office. Things are extremely busy, but very exciting. There has been a step-change in the way we are working together lately. A cohesion we haven’t had before. That is gratifying. We have been working hard towards it, and the fruits of our labours are budding.

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