Weeknotes 5

Posted Week #6, 2015

Sunday night. Only a few hours of the week left. Potentially the best time to write these as there's not a huge chance that I'll miss a highlight by writing them too soon. That's definitely validated my procrastinating.

Callum launched Court Basketball this week, which is great. Such a big project done to a high quality standard. That's a real achievement which takes a ton of energy. So glad he's done that. Lots of people call themselves creative but don't actually create anything. Whereas if you're genuinely creative, you just can't help yourself. You make by any means necessary. Callum is definitely a creative person.

Otherwise this week has been up and down, plagued by illness and unpredictability.

The week was redeemed towards the end though. On Thursday I taught in the morning which is always a huge highlight for me (I'd like it to be compulsory for members of the team to do at least an afternoon of teaching every year), and on Friday lewis and I got a strong, intense run on our internal project. Organising all our work to date and giving ourselves a clear structure for future exploration.

Lots to cram in to the coming week before I head on out East. Bring it on.

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