Weeknotes 6

Posted Week #7, 2015

OK. Here we are. Airport time. I like airports. There’s something weirdly calming about them. You’re enclosed. It’s like a coccoon.

Anyway. This week has been very, very busy. As suspected. Got a long run and more structure on the internal project. Good. It makes a very big difference to speed and rigour of output when a deadline is looming. I might have to try enforced, fake deadlines more just to try and trick myself into getting things done more speedily. Also it’s forcing us to develop a very clear, concrete project process. Which is very helpful. It feels almost mechanical at the moment, but I don’t mind this. There’s going to be plenty of time for the creative side of things a bit later. And I won’t lie, I do thing creativity is the outcome of lots of intelligent and curious questioning. It can be a logical process for an enquiring and imaginative mind. I don’t subscribe to this idea of ‘magic’. I think that’s irresponsible.

There has also been a lot of project scoping that I have been doing this week. Which again has forced a more rigorous, structural approach. I’m inclined to make a toolkit of questions and queries that should be answered in the process of scoping a project. The same questions come up time and time again, and it’s not efficient to keep building these things from scratch. I’d love us to build a skeleton to base our scoping on every time, just switching out the flesh depending on the job at hand.

Then the end of the week saw the relaunch of Thangs 2.0. Thangs is an opportunity for us to share works-in-progress with one another in an informal way, celebrate the highs-and-lows of the week, and just wrap things up and end on a high. It was great fun, and Aldo and Jamie shared their projects with gusto. They took quite different approaches—Jamie structuring a conversation around some of his creative ideas, and Aldo building a kind of workshop-come-shoutout session which was a lot of fun.

Then there’s the personal freelance work which is quite frankly stressing me out a bit. I always say yes, when I should just say no. But I’m learning. And it’s always good to keep a hand in the craft.

No TOP PICKS this week (or next!), I’m on holiday.