Weeknotes 8

Posted Week #14, 2015

Hi again! Didn’t write for ages. I guess because I just haven’t made the time. The last month has been varied. You know those periods where it feels like you can go at your own pace, but then your weeks and days suddenly get crazy? It has been like that. In a good way though.

Lots of people have been passing in-and-out of the office lately. We said goodbye to our intern Lewis Atkins a few weeks ago. He is a very talented chap and I think he’ll go on to do really amazing things. I feel like I learned a lot from him. Especially about investigating. Then this last week just gone we have also said goodbye to Charlie Sheppard, another extremely talented designer, and another intern called Olivia Charlesworth who is off to work at NB for a bit. She’s definitely one to watch. We have had a freelance creative duo in the house too, Damien and Alex, which is unusual for us, but we learned a lot through observing the way they work. Then we also said hi to Charly Bloedel, who so far is a strong force in the team! PHEW!

In terms of projects, Karl has been working really hard with the rest of the team on two quite unusual projects for us—one full-on advertising campaign for a newspaper you may or may-not read every now and again, and another branding job for a beer. They’re real, grown-up projects. They feel like a bit of a watershed for the office. I mean they’re serious, real jobs. I have been working across this internal project which saw its first landfall this week in the form of the It’s Nice That audience survey. We’re looking at ways we can improve our ‘product’ and a huge part of that is understanding the value people get from us. I’m also rounding out a HUGE job that has been going on for 2 years but that is completely confidential, and starting a new job for a bank. There’s a lovely common thread running through my projects at the moment which is about marrying up business aspirations with consumer needs. Sounds basic, but it’s nice to attempt to bridge that canyon with creativity. The business wants one thing, the customer has other needs that can’t always be fulfilled by a product, or a brand. How do you find a way to match everything up? Fun, kinda.

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