Weeknotes 9

Posted Week #16, 2015

Once again I find myself writing these weeknotes at an airport. But this time it's not for holiday, but for work. Off to Shanghai. Again. Although projects have been pushed back a bit over the last fortnight, it does feel as though things have been very productive. I wonder why that is? Could it be because we underestimated the time required for things when we scoped the projects? Maybe. Anyway, some great work has been done and people seem to be feeling good. This is what's on my radar:

The new issue of Printed Pages is out. It looks fantastic, and the quality of the writing seems to get better and better and better. Not that I have read much of it yet, but James gave us a taster of it at Thangs on Friday (more on that below). Jamie and the team have really gone to the next level with the art direction. The quality of work coming from that commissioning team at the moment is incredible. I am extremely impressed with how Ali has slotted in, and Jamie just gets better and better. The proof is in the magazine, and in a forthcoming project with Fred Perry that just looks AWESOME. Nice one ladz. I should also mention Kia, typographic nerd-supremo, who even after just a fortnight has made his presence felt. Nice chap.

The next thing I wanted to make a note of is Thangs, as mentioned above. Thangs is a weekly thing we do at the end of a Friday, with beer and crisps. 4 or 5 of us will get up in turn in front of the rest of the studio and talk about something that has added colour to our week. Sometimes this is something positive, sometimes something negative, could be a learning, or even sometimes it's a chance to pick the hive-mind of the studio on something. The format has shifted slightly since the first one, but it's more or less as described above. The one we had this Friday really stuck with me. Ben Silvertown, a 3rd year graphics student at CSM has been freelancing with us, doing some video editing, and he took us through some of the work he has been doing over the past few months. HOLY GOD he blew our minds. This is one talented chap. He'll go far. Then we had Liv talk to us about her personal project If Not For You. When people discuss their personal projects I am always thoughtful of the distinction between those that call themselves creative, and those that are truly creative. If you create, and you are compelled to create in the face of criticism and difficulty, no matter what it is, then you are creative. If talk the talk, wear the clothes, know the names, but you never actually make anything, then you my friend, are informed and culturally aware, but not creative. Sorry.

I love Thangs. I'll miss it.