Building authority in an emerging disciple

The Wiki Man

Ogilvy’s vice chairman is a hugely charismatic man called Rory Sutherland. He’s a bit of a pioneer, and has been trying to encourage his clients and contemporaries to embrace the emerging psychological discipline of behavioural economics. But how can he build authority in a discipline that not many people have heard of?

Completed whilst at INT Works.

The book

Sutherland has spoken and written extensively and articulately on the subject, especially with regards to how it can positively effect customer experience. However, these pieces are spread across multiple publications and platforms. By bringing them all together in one place it’s easy to see the extent of Sutherland’s understanding, and how much thought he has given to the subject

My role was to edit existing content, interview Rory to gather new content, and design and art direct the book. It is designed to be reflective of his boundless energy and enthusiasm—bordering on obsession—for the subject.